Auction Information

Auction Information

By Ray Fadel

If you are going to be bidding at auction, it is important to read the following information:

All bidders are required to register prior to the commencement of the Auction. The registration desk is open half an hour prior to auction and we will require photo identification and proof of address. A current drivers licence is ideal, if not a passport with a supporting document with your address on it.

If you are bidding on a property where a 2nd person or multiple people will be signing the contract, they too will need to register & will require their photo identification.

If you're going to have somebody to bid on your behalf, whether you are also attending the auction or not, you'll need to fill in an Authority To Bid - In Person form and provide identification for all parties.

If you'd like to have somebody bid on your behalf whilst you are on the telephone, you will need to have the Authority To Bid - On Phone form completed by both yourself and the person bidding and the identification of both parties provided. If you would like to have somebody from our agency bid on your behalf, we can arrange this.

If you are buying a property in a company name or superannuation fund, you must provide a letter signed by the company directors that authorises the bidder to bid for them at the auction. You must provide the ABN/ACN and the bidder will still need to show their drivers licence to register. Even if the bidder is the director of the company, we must have a signed letter.

Some other important documents that are published by the NSW Office of Fair Trading are:
The Bidders Guide
The Auction Laws